Tips For Protecting Your Home From Plumbing Leaks

When it comes to potential plumbing problems that could impact your home, there are few issues that can be more common than leaks. While a leak is a routine issue for any type of plumbing system, there are homeowners that may not be completely prepared to address this type of damage.

Know The Signs Of A Leak

Knowing the warning signs of a plumbing leak can dramatically improve your ability to combat this type f problem. When leaks are allowed to exist for prolonged periods of time, they can allow sizable amounts of water damage to form. If you are aware of the early warning signs of a leak, you will be able to arrange for repairs to be made so that these issues can be avoided. Among the more common signs of a plumbing leak will be an increase in your water usage expenses, the development of a relatively foul or stale odor in the vicinity of the leak and visible stains on the ceiling, floor or walls. Whenever you find that these issues are starting to develop in your home, you should contact a plumber to come repair the damage as soon as possible.

Determine Whether The Water Supply To The Impacted Area Of The Home Should Be Turned Off

Depending on the severity of the leaks, you may want to turn off the supply of water so that the leaking can be stopped until the issue is repaired. If you decide that the only option will be to turn off the flow of water to this part of the house, there will be a control valve that controls the flow of water to the room. By turning off this valve, you may be able to stop the leak. While this will cause you to be unable to use the plumbing, it can be a small price for minimizing the severity of the repairs that will be needed for the property.  

Take Steps To Reduce The Risk Of Leaks Developing In The Future

While there are many types of leaks that simply cannot be avoided, there are steps that you can take to reduce some of the more common causes of leaking. For example, homeowners that routinely use chemical clog removers may be at a higher risk of finding a leak in their home due to these substances being harsh on the gaskets in the pipe. Another cause of leaks may be failing to prevent the pipes from freezing when the temperature drops below freezing.

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