4 Items You Should Never Put Down Your Drains

Your home's drains are an essential part of your plumbing system, and if they become clogged can cause all sorts of issues for your everyday schedule. In order to keep your drains clear and unclogged, you need to pay attention to what you are putting down them. The following are four common items that should never go down the drain, as they can quickly cause chronic clogging and plumbing damage that can be expensive to fix and can increase the risk of a leak developing in the future.


Grease, which is produced when you cook meats like bacon or beef, may seem like it can easily go down the drain since it is a liquid, but it's actually one of the worst offenders of drain clogs. Cooking grease is only liquid while it is hot: when it cools down, it turns into a sludge that will block all water from passing by. Instead of draining it down your pipes, collect cooking grease in an empty can or glass jar and then simply throw it out later.


Pasta noodles are extremely starchy, which means that they will expand to many times their original size when exposed to water. The same thing goes for rice, and other similar grain based foods: while a single noodle is unlikely to cause a clog, several can turn into a problem that can be hard to remove in the future.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are another common food item that you should avoid allowing down your drain. They tend to clump up over time, forming a physical barrier that traps other food in your plumbing and can create a significant blockage in your pipes. Composting your coffee grounds is the best, and most environmentally friendly, way to get rid of them.

Chemical Cleaners

While chemical cleaners are not a type of food, and will not cause clogs to develop in your drains, they can cause a significant amount of damage to your plumbing. The corrosive nature of the chemicals within commercial drain cleaners can wear away at the structure of your plumbing, and make leaks and other forms of plumbing damage much more likely. If you do ever experience a clog in your drain, the best way to eliminate it is through physical removal. Drain snakes can be rented at most hardware stores and are a much safer method of removing clogs from your plumbing.

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