Come Home To Frozen Pipes? 4 Steps To Help You Avoid A Watery Mess

If you came home from the holidays and discovered that your pipes froze while you were away, you're going to need to act fast. Those frozen pipes could turn into a watery mess if they burst. That's the last thing you want to have happen inside your home. Now that you're faced with frozen pipes, here are four steps you'll need to follow to avoid further problems.

Turn Your Water Off at the Meter

If your pipes are frozen, you'll need to turn the water off as quickly as possible. You don't want anymore water trying to fill up inside your pipes. Not only that, but if the water lines are frozen outside too, which they probably are, turning the main water off will help you avoid a ruptured underground water line. Not only that, but once your pipes start thawing out, you want to control the water flow if your inside pipes burst.

Don't Try to Thaw Out the Pipes

When it comes to frozen water pipes, you might want to speed up the thawing process. Unfortunately, that's one of the worst things you can do. While the water is frozen inside the pipes, it's contained in one location. If you've got small cracks in your pipes from where the water expanded, speeding up the thawing process could also speed up the destruction of your pipes, and your home. Now that your pipes are frozen, let them thaw out on their own. That way, you only have a slow trickle of water to start with.

Conduct a Visual Inspection

Once you've turned off the water, you'll want to start inspecting your pipes. Begin by inspecting the pipes that are located under your sinks. If you can see small cracks, it's a good idea to place a bucket under those pipes. That way, you can contain some of the water should the pipes burst. You'll then want to get up in the attic and assess the damage of the water pipes that are located up there. Make a note of the areas where you find visible damage. If you find small leaks, place a bucket under those areas.

Call A Plumber

Now that you've inspected your pipes, and placed a bucket under any areas that are leaking, you'll need to call a plumbing repair service. They can repair the damage and help with the thawing process in a controlled and safe manner that will not damage your home. Be sure to have them insulate your pipes while they're out. That way, you can avoid a repeat of the problem.

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