Did Your Former Tenants Wreak Havoc On The Plumbing? 3 Tips To Help The New Residents Prevent Water Damage

As the owner of a rental property, you have a responsibility for keeping your tenant's living areas free from mold and other issues that arise when moisture accumulates. Unfortunately, the last tenants did not uphold their end of the deal and allowed the plumbing system to develop backups and leaks that generated a great deal of damage. Now that you have it all cleaned up, use these tips to make sure that the next tenants are prepared to prevent water damage on the property.

Start by Replacing Faulty Fixtures

Replacing plumbing is sometimes more effective than performing major repairs, and new fixtures may come with the added bonus of being more attractive to prospective tenants. Begin by having the plumbing professionally inspected to identify if there are plumbing fixtures or appliances that need to be replaced. For instance, a faulty garbage disposal could cause backups that lead to more water damage. Alternatively, a leaking faucet will irritate the tenants and could cause staining in the sink. Replace any faulty components so that your new tenants start with a fresh slate.

Provide Plumbing Care Tips During the Move-In

As the tenants tour the property, make sure to let them know about the work that has been done to the plumbing so that they know that everything is in top condition. Then, provide them with written instructions as part of the move-in procedure that detail the basics of plumbing care and maintenance. For instance, you can include a few rules for keeping the fixtures free of clogs, such as making a note to never pour grease down the sink or to put things in the commode that could lead to a need for toilet repair.

Arrange for Prompt Repairs of Minor Problems

You will also need to make sure that the new tenants understand exactly how to handle a plumbing emergency. Walk them through the property, and show them how to use the shut-off valves that are located near the plumbing fixtures as well as the main shutoff that is located outside. Then, provide them with the appropriate contact information for them to use if a problem arises that requires a service such as faucet repair so that the issue is addressed right away.

The plumbing system on your rental property is an essential part of keeping the new tenants comfortable. However, this is one area of any building that requires constant upkeep. By showing the tenants how to do their part, you can make sure that your efforts at maintaining the plumbing are effective for preventing water-related emergencies on the property. Contact a company like Arnold  &  Sons_Plumbing Sewer &  Drain Services for additional advice.

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