Insight To Help Get Your Home Plumbing Pipes Unclogged And Flowing Again

A sewer drain clog or slow-flowing drain can be nothing but frustrating to any homeowner. When faced with a sewer line blockage or debris, here are some tips to help you clear the line and get your drains flowing again.

Drain Clog

Your bathtub or sink drain can become clogged with hair, lint, food debris, and soap residues to make the water flow frustrating slow. And the more you leave the clog in place, the more it will collect additional debris in the drain to slow the water more quickly. There are several methods you can use to remove the blockages.

First, you can buy a chemical drain cleaner and dump it into the drain, following the package's instructions to rinse it with water. This can be helpful when your drain has become so clogged it stop draining completely and the basin is full of water.

You can also use your own skills and common products you may already have at home to clear the blockage. Remove the drain stopper or cover from the drain, and with a pair of needle-nose pliers, reach into the drain and use the pliers to grab any debris in the opening of the drain. Continue pulling out debris with the teeth on the end of the pliers until you can no longer pull anymore.

Next, scoop several spoonfuls of baking soda into the drain and a mixture of vinegar and water. Place the plug back on the drain to keep the bubbling contained inside the drain. This process cleans out the interior of the drain of any soap scum and other residues. Last, when the bubbling inside the drain stops, pour a boiling pot of water into the drain to rinse the area clean and ensure the drain flows well.

Line Blockage

When your sewer line has become clogged and the blockage is not within the opening of the line, it can be difficult to remove the clog on your own. Fortunately, you can call a professional plumber to remedy the clog and get the line flowing.

Some types of clogs of this nature may be due to tree roots growing in the line, debris in the line from a kitchen disposal usage, or other bulky objects becoming lodged in the pipe. Your plumbing professional can use a plumbing snake to clear the length of the line, even deep within your home's sewer pipe. Their industrial-length sewer snake will rotate and push against and loosen the clog and within the line.

Another method your plumbing professional may use to clean out your sewer line a plumber is with a sewer water jet, which uses pressurized water to clear the blockage. This option can be used when your sewer line is at risk of being damaged by the sewer snake or there is a large build-up of grease or debris around the interior of the line. This method cleans out the interior pipe and removes the clog.  To learn more, contact a company like Cleary Plumbing. 

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