Three Major Mistakes People Make When Showering

Plenty of people pick up poor habits when showering that must be broken, not only for their own health, but also for the longevity of their shower. Dealing with plumbing issues in the shower can be quite disruptive to your everyday life, since it could mean that your shower is completely out of use for a certain amount of time before it's fixed. Here are three major mistakes people often make when showering:

  1. Hang Your Loofah Somewhere Else: Don't leave your loofah hanging in the shower, especially when it's wet. When this happens, moisture builds, which means that bacteria is starting to grow inside of your loofah. Not only is this dangerous for your body, but it can even lead to mold growth, which can spread to the shower walls and the rest of your bathroom. Instead, ring the loofah dry and hang it somewhere dry,  such as above your sink counters. 
  2. Long and Hot Showers: There are many issues that arise when you take both long and hot showers. For example, there are problems it causes the body. Long and hot showers lead to dry and irritated skin, which can even introduce acne because it's also opening your pores, which allows more dirt to get under the skin's surface throughout the day. You can also have problems with the moisture levels in the bathroom, which means a higher chance of mold growth, especially if you are not also ventilating the bathroom, another common mistake made when showering. Instead, take shorter showers that are lukewarm. Lukewarm showers will help you in reducing the amount of time spent in there anyway. Not to mention that this also prevents the waste of water, which is better for the environment. 
  3. Hair Down the Drain: Many people don't bother with buying a hair catcher for their drain, which is a problem, especially for those who have long hair. Another mistake people often make is simply rinsing the shower clean of hair and letting it go down the drain. Chances of a clog are much higher when these things are done. A clog in the shower can be difficult to take care of, especially if it's from a large clump of hair, because that can easily become lodged in the pipes. You will need to call a plumber at this point to snake it out. 

Avoiding these three common mistakes is not only going to be better for your own health and body, but also for the well-being of your shower and bathroom in general. For more information, talk to companies like Moon Valley Plumbing.

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