3 Reasons Homeowners Often Avoid Calling A Plumber And Why They Shouldn't

Maybe it's just a drip in the wrong place. Perhaps it is a stubborn drain. Or maybe it's even a leak in a bad place. There are all kinds of places for the plumbing in your kitchen to go awry, but more often than not, homeowners try to rectify the situation on their own before calling a kitchen plumber. Unfortunately, DIY plumbing is not usually a good idea when you have no formal training, and attempting these home repairs can sometimes land you in a sticky situation. Take a look at some of the reasons homeowners often avoid calling a plumber for help and why they really shouldn't. 

They assume the problem at hand is a simple one. 

One small leak or one little drip may not look like much of an issue, but where plumbing is concerned, even small problems can be relative to major issues. For example, a leaking pipe may look like it is caused by lines that are poorly aligned, but after you get everything disassembled to reposition, you could easily discover the leak was caused by a poor drainage line setup, a clog, or something else. It's not at all uncommon to try and tackle a small problem and realize soon after that you have a huge ordeal to contend with. 

They assume a plumber costs too much. 

It is true that you have to pay for just about any professional service offering, and plumbing is included. However, plumbing work tends to be on the lower side of the scale where pricing is concerned when you compare it to other types of service. For example, fixing a dripping faucet would probably take about an hour for a professional plumber, and plumbers tend to charge between $45 and $150 per hour. This is a pretty affordable price for most homeowners, but they often expect to be charged much more. 

They don't like inviting a stranger into their home to do the work. 

It's understandable in today's age to not want to allow anyone untrustworthy into your home. However, if you make sure you are bringing in a licensed professional, it is hardly a chance that anything bad would come from the situation. Even plumbers who operate as single-entity contractors work really hard to get their training in trade school and receive their business license, so it is unlikely they would do anything to jeopardize their hard work.

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