5 Ways To Keep Hair Out Of Your Drains

One of the most common reasons drains become clogged is because of hair being washed away into the drains. In fact, many homeowners have to call for plumbing repairs and drain cleaning more often because of hair clogging up the drains. This is why it's important to note how you can keep hair out of the drains. Here are five specific ways: 

  1. Drain Filter: The first way would be to use a drain filter, which catches the hair before it goes down the drain. You will just need to clean it regularly to prevent it from blocking the drains completely, which can lead to water build up. 
  2. Brush Before You Shower: Before hopping in the shower, it's worth it to give your hair a quick brush. Not only does this prevent hair from going down the drains, but it keeps your shower cleaner. Hair that is stuck to the side of walls in the shower is more difficult to remove then hair on the ground that you can simply sweep up. 
  3. Style Hair Away From the Sink: When you are doing your hair, back up from the sink rather than stand right over it. This way loose hairs are not falling into the sink. This also prevents any kind of product from being rinsed down the sink drains, which could be damaging to the pipes. 
  4. Pull Hair from the Drain with Bent Wire: Drain filters aren't going to catch every single hair, so whenever you clean out the drain filter, which should be done in the trash rather than over the sink, you will also want to take time to pull out any hairs in the drain. You can use a wire with a hook at the end to pull out any hair at the top of the drain before putting the drain filter back in place. 
  5. Use the Trash: As mentioned, you should clean the drain filter in the trash. You can use a paper towel to pull off any hair stuck in the drain filter to discard in the trash. You also want to do this when you clean out your brush. Never clean out your brush over the sink. 

​These are five of the most important ways to keep hair out of your drains in order to prevent serious clogs. Don't forget to schedule regular drain cleaning to keep the drains even more free and clear. This way, you avoid expensive repairs in the future. For more information, contact a local company like Express Plumbing & Heating Inc

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