Two Signs That It's Time To Clean Your Sewer Main Drain

The sewer main drain is one of the most important parts of the total plumbing system in any home. It is the pipe that is responsible for carrying all of the wastewater that is flushed down the toilets and sinks in your house over to the system of pipes connected to the sanitation center in your city. When the sewer main drain is working as it should, you barely have to give any thought to it because everything is flowing freely. However, when it gets clogged up, there are some unpleasant symptoms that begin to appear. If any of the following signs show up, it's time to clean your sewer main drain.

You Notice Smells That Won't Seem To Go Away

When you think about a sewer, what scents come to mind? Usually, sewers are associated with unpleasant smells, such as rotting food, sulfur gasses, and other waste smells that you don't want to have in your house.

Following your nose is a great way for you to tell when your sewer main drain has become clogged. No matter how many candles you light or plug-ins you keep in the sockets, there will usually be a foul scent in the air that just won't go away. It's easy to think that the key is to just cover the smell with artificial means, but you should really be taking action.

The smell that is wafting up through your drains indicates that the waste that you are putting down the toilet has hit a barrier. It isn't able to flow into the main sanitation center, so it's essentially stuck there. As it rots and ferments, the scent will be undeniable.

The Toilet Requires More And More Water To Flush

Toilets operate on the basis of force and gravity. Water fills the bowl and forces the waste down the drain. If you start to notice that it's taking more and more water for you to get the contents of your commode to exit the bowl, there's a good chance that there's a problem with your sewer main drain. A simple flick of the lever should be sufficient enough to supply the toilet with all of the water necessary to get it to flush.

Problems with the sewer main drain should never be ignored or pushed to the side. Caring for this vital system means that you can avoid costly plumbing issues in the future. If you believe your main drain may be clogged, don't hesitate to contact a sewer cleaning service in your area. 

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