Tips For Protecting Your Pipes Against Freezing And Rupturing

The winter months can bring a risk of your home's pipes freezing. While this is a problem that almost every homeowner will find that they must combat, there are several key points that new homeowners may not fully appreciate. Learning to understand these points may help you to greatly reduce the risk of your plumbing suffering problems when freezing temperatures arrive.

Not All Of Your Home's Pipes Are Equally At Risk Of Freezing

There are some homeowners that may be under the impression that all of their home's pipes will be at an equal risk of freezing. However, the pipes that are located in the colder areas of the home or that are used less will be at a much greater risk of this problem arising. As a result, you should pay special attention to the pipes that are located along exterior walls, crawl spaces or other uninsulated areas of the house.

Pipes That Freeze And Rupture May Not Be Easily Noticed

You might assume that it will be easy to tell if your pipes have frozen and ruptured. While a major rupture will result in sizable amounts of water pouring out of the pipe, it can also be possible for this problem to result in much smaller stress ruptures. These ruptures may allow a small leak to develop, and this could be very difficult to notice until major damage has occurred to the house. The installation of leak detection sensors can be a major step in combating this type of damage. If you are not wanting to commit to this type of upgrade for your property, you should conduct a thorough inspection of the pipes that are most at risk of freezing following any instances of extremely cold weather.

There Are Upgrades That Can Reduce The Risk Of Your Pipes Freezing

If your home is in an area that regularly experiences extremely harsh winter weather, there are several upgrades that may be worth making to your plumbing. For example, you may find that increasing the amount of insulation around your pipes can greatly reduce the risk of the water in them from freezing. Depending on where you live, this may be insufficient for preventing the water from freezing. However, homeowners in areas that regularly experience protracted periods of freezing temperatures can install electric warmers on their at-risk pipes. These warmers will prevent the water inside the pipe from getting cold enough to freeze, and this can help to avoid your insulation being overwhelmed by the cold temperatures.

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