How To Stop Water Hammering In The Supply Lines Of Your Washing Machine

If you hear a sudden thumping noise when your washer shuts off after filling, it is the result of water hammering. This is caused by the interruption and redirection of the flow of pressurized water inside of your supply lines.

The water hammering effect is at best annoying and at worst destructive to the pipes that supply your washer. The easiest way to mitigate this effect is by installing water hammer arrestor fittings at the washer's hose connections.

Why Does a Washing Machine Pose an Added Risk of Water Hammering?

Water hammering is most likely to occur when the water supply is cut off suddenly. Although it also happens at locations such as faucets, which are shut off gradually through manual turning of faucet handles, washers are more likely culprits because of the immediate shutoff of internal supply valves when the washers are filled to their preset levels.

How Does a Water Hammer Arrestor Work?

Water hammer arrestors introduce an air filled tube with a piston inside to the supply line to absorb any sudden changes of water flow. As water rushes into the tube, the piston moves against the air pressure inside the tube, then retreats as the water pressure gradually returns to its normal flow.

What Do You Need to Install Water Arrestors at Your Washer's Supply Lines?

Fortunately, you can install water arrestors directly at the hose connections of your washer. Here's what you will need to complete the task:

  • 2 water arrestors for washers, with one male and one female (3/4) inch hose connection on each fitting
  • Adjustable wrench or locking pliers for loosening and tightening supply hoses
  • Bucket for holding disconnected hoses while you install arrestors (the hoses will be filled with water).

How Do You Install The Arrestors?

You will begin by turning off the supply valves at the hot and cold water hose connections by turning them in a clockwise direction until they will turn no more. Use the adjustable wrench or locking pliers to disconnect the supply hoses at the connections by turning them in a counterclockwise direction, but only apply sufficient force to loosen them. If you use excessive force, you could damage the thin hose couplings.

When the hoses are completely disconnected, place the ends inside of the bucket to drain. After first inspecting the female hose coupling connectors of the water arrestors to be certain that the rubber hose washers are inside, connect the female couplings to the washer's water supply lines by turning them in a clockwise direction and tightening them securely with your wrench or locking pliers.

Check the female hose coupling connections on your washer hoses to be sure that the washers remain intact, them connect them to the male hose couplings of the water arrestors by turning them in a clockwise direction and tightening them with the wrench or locking pliers as needed.

Turn on the supply valves and try out the washer and you're finished. For more help, contact a company like T & T Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning & Geothermal.

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