Prevent Plumbing Emergencies: 4 Tips

As a homeowner, you may have noticed quite a few problems that could potentially occur within your home and how costly these problems can be. Some of the most expensive repairs in your home can be plumbing repairs. If you aren't careful with your drains and pipes, you could end up with an emergency and need to call out a plumber for help. Prevent these plumbing emergencies by following the tips below.

1. Keep Drains Clean

Keep the drains in your home clean and clear by using the drain stops in all of your sinks and shower/tubs. These drain stops prevent larger items from going down your drains. Be sure that things such as grease, oil, and food particles are not going down your kitchen drain, which could cause clogs. In your bathrooms, be sure that only toilet paper is going down your toilet drain, and clean the drain in your shower/tub. 

2. Watch For Problems

Keep an eye out for problems in your plumbing. If you spot an issues, take care of them immediately before that small problem becomes a major issue. If you notice a leak, make the repair yourself, or call a company like Knights Plumbing & Drain for help. A minor leak can wear out your pipes (or your faucet) eventually, and a cheap part can end up being a really expensive part and repair bill. Take care of pipe or faucet leaks and running toilets immediately.

3. Perform Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance can go a long way with your plumbing. If you have older piping, replace it with new pipes. Older homes may have cheap plumbing, especially beneath sinks. This cheap plumbing may rust and wear out easily. Replace this older plumbing with PVC instead, or call a professional to have these older pipes replaced before they become a problem for you later down the road. Older pipes should also be inspected by a professional; have a professional take a look at your pipes.

4. Winterize Pipes

Exterior spigots should be turned off at the inside shut-off valve and should be covered for winter months to prevent any freezing inside the pipes. Other pipes in your basement or crawlspace should also be winterized to prevent any frozen pipes. A frozen water pipe could cause the pipe to burst and could end up being a very expensive repair, not to mention the amount of damage it could cause to your home. 

Prevent a plumbing emergency in your home by following the tips above. Be proactive, and call a professional plumber at the sign of any problems or to have your pipes inspected before you have a problem.

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