Special Features Found In Advanced Thermostats

While many air conditioning units have thermostats, you may want a thermostat that is more sophisticated than the standard one. When your current thermostat fails, now is a good opportunity to have a new one installed for several reasons.

Money Savers

One of the advantages of a more advanced thermostats is that you will save more money. While there is an initial cost, this cost is overcome eventually by the lower electric bills. Also, by using a thermostat that reduces the extent to where your AC is running, your AC will not wear out as soon and you won't need an expensive air conditioning installation for a long time.


Advanced thermostats can be scheduled to run your AC when you come home so you do not return to a hot house. But while you are away from work, the AC will turn off or operate at a higher temperature to reduce your energy costs.

An advanced thermostat can automatically switch your home from heating to cooling mode. There are times of the year when weather can fluctuate and you may go from needing your air conditioner to needing your heater within the span of days or even hours.

Wi-Fi Thermostats

Smart Wi-Fi that comes with a thermostat will ensure that you are able to communicate with your thermostat. Gas and electric meters are able to send real-time data to utility companies that are then able to monitor usage. There are some thermostats that are able to handle all of the scheduling on their own, and are called learning thermostats, while others require that you use a computer to set schedules and are called programmable thermostats. 

One useful feature of a smart thermostat is that it monitors the amount of energy that your home consumes in real-time. Some thermostats will send a text message or email if it gets too hot or cold. Notifications can also be sent when an air conditioner filter needs to be replaced.

7-Day Vs. 5-1-1 Day

While some thermostats allow you to set features for every day of the week, other thermostats are called 5-1-1 day thermostats. You set one setting for the week and separate settings for the weekends.

The best advanced thermostats are those that are custom-made for your needs. Find an air conditioning service that offers customized thermostats, communicate exactly what you need and you will have the perfect thermostat for your life. COntact a service, like Doctor Fix-It, to get started.

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