7 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Feel More Luxurious

The bathroom has grown to become more than just a functional space. For many people, it's a place to retreat to and relax after a long day. However, this relaxed feeling doesn't always come cheap. Bathrooms are some of the most expensive rooms in the house. Remodeling one into the bathroom of your dreams can be quite costly.

However, there a few tricks that you can use to give your bathroom a luxurious appeal without having to break the bank.

1. Install a Better Water Heater

Do you have to wait a few minutes for your shower water to heat up? Does your shower or bath run hot and cold? It's hard to have an immersive, "luxury" experience under those conditions. New water heater installation may be your place to start.

2. Large-Format Tiles

Typical tile sizes such as 3" by 6" don't add much to your bathroom. It doesn't take any amount of creativity to source these and have them installed. If you go for some a lot less ordinary in terms of size, you will have a bathroom that is quite different from most of what is out there.

3. Tile Rug

A floor that stands out in the right way is a major selling point in a bathroom. For those with enough money, having a stone mosaic is the way to go. However, if you're on a budget, a simple rug that has been specially designed for the bathroom space can look very luxurious.

4. Remnant Stone

Granite, quartz, and marble can look amazing in your bathroom. If you're going for the regular sizes, it will undoubtedly cost you a serious amount of money. However, Remnant stone will allow you to have the same stone but at a considerably lower price. Remnant stone will obviously come in small sizes than the regular sizes. Therefore, you'll have to pick the right spots to use it to achieve the desired luxurious effect.

5. Source the Bathtub Creatively

A bathtub can be one of the most expensive parts of the bathroom with certain models going for over $10,000. However, you can get other bathtubs that may look just as good by checking places like architectural salvage shops and Craigslist. Some of these places have good vintage bathtubs going for very low prices.

6. Choose the Right Enclosure

A plain glass enclosure or shower curtain will serve you well enough. However, there are many other shower glass enclosure options available which will make your bathroom look instantly more expensive.

7. Go for a Less Conventional Mirror

There's nothing special about a contractor grade mirror. A mirror with a little more personality and style to it can make your bathroom look like something else completely. You can check a nearby flea market if you want to cut down on cost.

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