Plumbing Noises: What They Mean And How To Fix Them

Have you been hearing noises in your home? While some may want to associate the noises with ghosts, they are probably just plumbing-related. These noises are a sign that something is wrong somewhere, so don't ignore them. Here are three plumbing-related noises that you may be hearing in your home, what they mean and what you can do about them.

Dripping Sounds

Dripping noises can come from a number of places; however, they typically come from the faucet. If you can hear and see the dripping, then you know exactly where the problem is and what to do. However, the real problem is when you can hear the dripping sounds and not see anything, as this is a sign of a hidden leak.

When you suspect that you have a hidden plumbing leak, you could ultimately have two types of leaks. The first type of leak is when you can hear the dripping, though there is no water-using appliance being used. When this occurs, the problem is usually a pipe leak in the wall. Now, if you can hear the dripping and a specific appliance or drain is being used, then the leak is most likely within that area.

Gurgling Toilet

If you hear a hissing or gurgling sound coming directly from your toilet, then it is generally a sign that there is a problem with the flapper. More often than not, the flapper is not properly covering the opening of the valve. Because of this, water will run continuously. As a result, you will experience a higher-than-usual water bill.

This issue can be easily fixed by inspecting the flapper and ensuring that the valve opening is covered by the flapper. If the flapper does not appear to be the problem at the moment, then you should check the level of water in the tank and adjust the float to the appropriate level.

Banging Noises

More often than not, banging noises will be heard when you turn on the sink faucet or the shower. These noises are often heard as a result of your water lines shaking excessively. In some cases, the water is moving so quickly through the pipes that it shakes aggressively, especially when it gets to a specific point in the pipes, such as a 90-degree turn. The banging noises can also occur when pipes are incredibly close to one another and they "hammer" against one another.

To help prevent the plumbing pipes from shaking, and ultimately making the banging noises, you can install fasteners on the pipes. It is recommended that you consult with a professional residential plumber to install these fasteners as well as inspect your plumbing system and water pressure to ensure all is well.

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