Check On Your Home's Plumbing And Air Conditioning

Once you are in your new home, there are a good deal of things you want to do to familiarize yourself with your new surroundings and to know that everything is running as it should. You should read the information in this article to have a better idea of the things you should be looking for and checking out around the home and the property.

Plumbing System

There are some steps to take to know your home's plumbing can be trusted to run smoothly. Here are the things you need to do to check on your plumbing system:

  • Check each faucet to make sure none are leaking. Leaky faucets should have their gaskets changed or be replaced if it is a decent leak.
  • Check under all sinks for leaky pipes, and replace any that are cracked. Have leaky connections repaired.
  • Look in the yard for pipe breaks. You can't see them, but you will see puddles in the yard that are there with no other known water source.
  • Make sure any pipes on the exterior have insulation around them so they are protected from the weather.
  • Inspect the toilets for signs of clogging. Leaking, worn gaskets around the base that should be replaced.
  • Turn the water on in all sinks, tubs and showers to make sure the water goes down freely.

Air Conditioning System

You want to go around the house and make sure the air conditioning system is in good shape and ready for you to turn on and start using to cool your home. Here are the things you need to do to check on your air conditioning system:

  • Go in each room throughout the house and make sure the registers are all open. If they aren't, then open them before turning on the system.
  • Go outside and make sure the compressor doesn't have debris around it or that weeds, and other foliage, aren't growing right next to it.
  • Remove the cover to the air filter, and clean or replace the air filter if you find it is dirty. Don't use the air if the filter isn't properly cleaned.
  • Check the thermostat, and make sure all the knobs and buttons are there and not damaged.
  • Turn on the unit and make sure it works and doesn't make any loud sounds like banging, squeaking or anything else that doesn't sound right.

Once you check on these things, you will know that these systems are more than likely in great shape, so you won't have to worry about them.

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