Does Plumbing Material Matter?

If you are planning to replace or install your plumbing system, then you have probably learned that there are several plumbing materials all with their pros and cons. Yes, it matters whether you are using a metal or plastic pipe; even the specific type of metal or pipe matters. Here are some of the reasons plumbing material does matter.

Some Materials Are More Affordable Than Others

Price is always a concern for those planning to replace their plumbing pipes, which is understandable because the endeavor isn't exactly cheap. Expect to spend thousands of dollars to replace your plumbing pipes, with the choice of material being one of the main factors determining the overall cost. For example, using PEX (high-density polyethylene) pipes would be cheaper than using copper pipes.

It is not just the cost of purchase of the materials that matter here, but also the ease with which they can be installed. For example, flexible materials such as PEX and PVC are relatively easy to install because they don't have to be joined (you can just bend them) like metal pipes.

Some Materials Are More Durable Than Others

Just like other products, some plumbing materials last longer than others under the same circumstances. Therefore, you should consider how important durability is for you when investing in a new plumbing system. Go with PVC if you don't mind your plumbing pipes lasting an average of 25 to 40 years or choose the metals if you want something that can last upwards of 70 years.

Some Materials Are Best Suited To Particular Uses

You don't have to use the same plumbing material for all areas of the house. This is because some materials are more suited to specific uses while others cannot be used in certain areas. For example, PVC should not be used for hot water pipes because it is easily affected by high temperatures. Another example is copper, which is suitable for use with drinking water because it doesn't degrade easily and won't contaminate your tap water.

Materials React Differently To Fire

If you are ever in a burning building, pray that the building's plumbing system contains fire-resistant materials or materials that don't produce toxic fumes. This is because some plumbing materials, most of them in the plastic variety, produce toxic fumes that can chock you and hurt you even before the fire gets to you.

As you can see, you should give your choice of plumbing material careful consideration. Your plumber will walk you through the various materials so that you can choose the best one for your situation. For more information, contact your local plumbing repair service. 

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