3 Factors That Contribute To The Cost Of Having A Residential Well Drilled

If you plan to purchase land and build a home in a rural area that is not serviced by a municipal water supplier, you will need a private water well on your property to provide water to the house. This involves hiring an experienced water well contractor who is familiar with the geology of the area and has an in-depth knowledge of well drilling practices and the rules and regulations involved in the process. While having a well drilled involves upfront expenses, a quality well will provide water for many years to come. Some of the factors that affect the cost of having a well drilled on your property include the following.

1. Equipment and Materials

In this day and age, a residential water well is so much more than a deep hole in the ground. Installing a well requires casing material, a tank, piping, a pump, and heavy-duty grout to ensure that the well is properly sealed. During the drilling of the well, your well contractor will also need to use a variety of expensive equipment in order to hit the water table. While the upfront cost of a well can be expensive, it is in your best interest to invest in the highest quality materials available, especially when it comes to the well pump, as doing so will increase the lifespan of the well and prevent future issues.

2. Well Depth

There is no standard well depth -- the depth of your well will highly depend on the local area and how far under the ground the water table is. Thus, the deeper the well, the higher the cost. The depth of your well can also depend on the water needs of your home -- your well contractor can hit the water table, but if you have a large household that will consume a lot of water, the well contractor may need to drill deeper to ensure that the well can continually provide enough water to meet your needs.

3. Local and State Rules and Regulations

The final cost of having a residential well drilled can vary greatly depending on what state you live in. Some states have very strict rules and regulation in regards to well drilling, and these regulations may mean that the well contractor is required to use more expensive materials in order to protect the groundwater or may need to take extra steps to ensure that drilling the well does not pose any type of risk the the surrounding environment. 

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