Products You Surprisingly Shouldn't Flush Down The Drain

It may be obvious to you that you shouldn't flush diapers down the drain, but there are many things you might be carelessly allowing to go down the drain that might contribute to a clog forming. Do not flush down any of the following household items.


While brushing your teeth and flossing, you might find it convenient to simply allow dental floss to go down the drain, but it doesn't take much for the dental floss to accumulate and cause a clog. Dental floss can have an easy time sticking in the drain as it goes down. 

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are commonly flushed down the drain, but even a garbage disposal is not able to handle coffee grounds. Instead, the coffee grounds should be put in the garbage or used in your garden. If you have a coffee pot with a reusable tray, you might find it tempting to simply flush the grounds down the drain, but don't do it.

Paper Products

While you flush toilet paper down the drain all the time, you might wonder if you can flush paper towels as well. The problem is that other paper products have properties that lead to them needing to be tossed in the trash instead. Paper towels, for example, accumulate moisture and will eventually become trapped in the drain, increasing the risk of a clog forming. Other paper products that can cause clogs include cotton balls, scrub pads, and pre-moistened wipes. 

Flushable Cat Litter

Some cat litter is labeled as flushable, but you really shouldn't flush it. Cat feces can some with a parasite known as Toxoplasma gondii. Water treatment is not effective at removing this parasite. Also, despite being labeled as flushable, all cat litter can clog drains.

Any Chemicals

Do not pour any chemicals down the drain. Never assume that a particular type of chemical will be harmless because some chemicals can be very disruptive to an ecosystem. However, you'll be on the safe side if you try to rely on all-natural cleaners. 

Liquid Drain Cleaner

You should reconsider using liquid drain cleaners. They are very corrosive and can destroy pipes. There are usually better ways to remove a clog, such as using a plumber's snake. 

If you have drains that just won't drain, you may need to hire a plumbing contractor. Oftentimes, only plumbers have the ability to remove clogs without causing damage to your pipes. 

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