3 Ways to Get Filtered Water from Home Brewing

When you decide that you want to start brewing your own beer, one of the things that you need to have is pure water. You don't want to have any flavors that you aren't planning on in your beer. When you decide to get serious about brewing, there are several choices you need to make about the water. One option is to use filtered tap water. There are various ways that you can set up your tap water to be filtered. 

Pitcher-Style Filtration System

One of the choices you can make is to get a pitcher-style filtration system. With this system, all you need to do is to fill up the pitcher straight from the tap, and the water will slowly run through the filter so that it is purified by the time it can be poured out. This can be a good option if you are only doing small batches of beer every so often. You don't need to have so much water if you are doing smaller batches less frequently. If you want to do more or bigger batches, you may want to buy more than one pitcher so that you can have enough water to make your beer. 

Faucet-Style Filtration System

Another option is to go with a filtration system that is attached to the faucet, either at the spigot or at the water supply for the sink. If the filtration system is installed just at the spigot, then that's something that you can generally add on for yourself, and they tend to be pretty easy to install. If you want to use one that goes under your sink so that you don't have to do anything to it, then you might want to have a plumber install it for you, so that you know it's done correctly. One issue with this is that you are going to be limited as to what sink you use to get the water from, so you may end up hauling the water long distances. 

Whole-House Filtration System

You could also go with something like a whole-house filtration system. The filter will be installed onto your incoming water supply and every faucet in your house will have the same filtered water, so where you get the water is not a problem. 

If you are wanting to get into home brewing, you want to make sure that you have the best water. One way to get that is to use a filtration system on your tap water. Contact a water treatment business like Water Tec for more information or assistance.

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