Four Plumbing Tips That Every Homeowner Should Know

Making plumbing repairs can be quite difficult for the unskilled homeowner, which is why it is worth taking steps to prevent them. Here are a couple of tips that every homeowner should know so they can deal with or prevent plumbing problems.

Make A Your Own Drain Cleaner

One piece of advice you may have heard about your plumbing is to not use those heavy-duty drain cleaners. They tend to be corrosive and damage your pipes rather than clear the clogs. However, it is possible to make a simple drain cleaning solution on your own that will get the job done. Try pouring some baking soda down the drain and following it up with some vinegar. Yes, these are the same ingredients used to make a homemade volcano, and it can be quite effective at cleaning a drain. The chemical reaction created by combining the two ingredients will loosen the hair, soap scum, and other causes of drain clogs.

Know The Differences Between Plungers

Sometimes your plunger is not working because you're not using the right one. A typical cup plunger is shaped like a bowl and has a very flat base, which works great for using it with a sink or another flat surface where the drain is beneath. However, that plunger doesn't work great for toilets. You may need a flange or an accordion-style plunger that can force more air into the drain to loosen the clog.

Use Drain Strainers

Don't make the mistake of letting all of your hair go down the drain when you shower. That hair has to go somewhere, and chances are high that it is getting stuck somewhere between your drain and the main sewer. You'll want to use a drain strainer in your shower or bathtub to collect the hair before it goes down the drain.

A strainer should be used in your kitchen sink as well. You'll want to collect starches and other kinds of food before they go into the drain since they tend to get stuck to the inside of your plumbing. 

Know How To Unclog A Toilet

A plunger may not always be the best tool for the job when cleaning a toilet clog. Try letting the water settle, then pour dish soap into the toilet bowl. Follow it up with boiling water to see if it loosens the clog. If not, you may also try using a handheld plumbing snake to go into the pipe and clear away the clog.

Reach out to a plumber for more info if these tips are not doing the trick.

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