Sewer Pipe Lining Is The Convenient Way To Repair A Leaky Sewer Pipe

A cracked sewer pipe used to be a huge problem since these pipes often run under driveways, yards, and even streets. The only solution for repairing a damaged sewer pipe at one time was to dig the pipe up and replace it, and that could also require busting up a driveway. Digging up a bad pipe usually came at great expense, so a sewer pipe replacement was a repair that homeowners dreaded. Now, it's often possible to repair sewer pipes without having to dig them up. Here's a look at why sewer pipe lining is a better option.

Why Sewer Pipe Repairs Have To Be Done

A cracked and leaking sewer pipe isn't something you can ignore. When sewage leaks out of the pipe, it contaminates your yard and gives your property a foul odor. If the crack is bad enough that the pipe collapses, the pipe might close off and cause problems with the drains and toilets in your house. You don't have any choice but to repair a bad sewer pipe, but you may have a choice in how the repairs are done if a plumber determines that pipe lining is a suitable option for your situation.

Why Sewer Pipe Lining Is The Preferred Repair

If you have the option between pipe lining and digging up the pipe, lining is usually the preferred option. This requires some digging too, but only two holes are dug instead of a long trench. Lining is the preferred method because it saves you from tearing up your yard and spares you the expense of replacing landscaping or repairing your driveway.

How Sewer Pipe Lining Is Done

There are different approaches for putting in a pipe liner. A common way is to insert a collapsed liner and inflate it once it's in place. First, the sewer is cleaned out so the liner adheres to it well. Then the liner is fed in one hole and pulled out of the far hole. The liner is expanded with air so it opens into a pipe shape, and it covers cracked areas to stop leaks once it's hard. The collapsed liner cures in place to form a solid pipe inside the old pipe, so it's just as good as having a pipe replacement done.

When the work is finished, you'll just have two small areas of your yard that have been dug up and filled back in. Once the liner hardens, it becomes a durable pipe with no seams or joints for tree roots to get in, so your sewer repairs should last for a long time.

For more information, reach out to sewer pipe lining services.

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