Why DIY Hot Water Tank Installations Are a Bad Idea

Hot water heater tanks do not have an intimidating appearance. They are one appliance that most households appreciate because they offer the convenience of hot water on-demand. These appliances can last for many years if they get proper maintenance. It is easy to mistakenly assume that a new hot water tank installation is an easy feat that individuals who are handy with "fixing things around the house" can complete.

The installation process may appear easy if you have ever watched a professional complete one, but it is a bad idea to try to complete the installation yourself. Getting someone else to do it who is unlicensed is also not wise if you take the time to consider the potential outcomes. The following points identify what could go wrong if opt to allow an unlicensed individual to install a water heater instead of choosing a licensed plumber. 

1. Lack of Documentation

Only a professional will perform installations and provide documentation that the project was performed by them. This can be stored with other valuable documents pertaining to your home and appliances. You may even need it if you need to contact the manufacturer about the warranty on your new water heater. 

2. No Inspections

If you decide to sell your home, you will likely need to pass a variety of inspections. It is possible that the failed inspection of a water heater could result in you needing to pay to get the water heater installation issues fixed to pass the inspection. This means that the money you think you might save by opting for an amateur installation might actually cost you more. Keep in mind that your jurisdiction might have guidelines that could make a do-it-yourself hot water tank installation a coding violation. 

3. Fatal Flaws

Many things could go wrong, but the dangers are significant if a gas water heater is being installed. One simple mistake can put you and others at risk for bodily harm or even death. Gas is combustible, and an explosion can happen during or after installation. A house fire is another possibility, and it could spread quickly and ruin your home and nearby homes. 

Gas-powered appliances that are not installed correctly can leak carbon monoxide. It may be hard to detect these leaks if a carbon monoxide detector is not in place near the faulty appliances. Since individuals cannot smell carbon monoxide, it can be considered a "silent killer." Learn more by contacting hot water tank installation services. 

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