Upgrading The Water Heater In Your Home To A Tankless System

Hot water in your home is one of those essential things that can be created in many ways. Traditional water heaters work well in most situations, but the newest technology brings highly efficient, tankless systems into residential homes with benefits that are far beyond standard water heaters. 

Updating Your Water Heater

If you have considered updating some of the older systems in your home, the water heater may be a good candidate for your list. The water heater is essential, but the way the system works costs you unnecessary money, and upgrading that traditional heater that runs all day and all night to an on-demand tankless system might make sense for you.

Traditional water heaters have to run for a few minutes every hour or so to keep the water in the tank hot and ready for use. That means the system runs when you are not home, sleeping, or other times when you don't need the hot water. 

The solution is to upgrade to a system that only runs when you need it and can provide all the hot water you need. Tankless water heaters can do just that, and they are highly efficient, so even when the system is running, the cost is lower than traditional methods. 

System Size

When you remove the old water heater from your home, you may be concerned that the tankless water heater will not keep up. The key is to select a tankless system that has the capacity you need for your lifestyle. Like traditional systems, the tankless water heater is rated for the number of bedrooms in the home and should easily keep up if you get the right one. 

The plumber installing your tankless water heater can help you select the right system to provide the hot water you need and then install it for you. The amount of space required for the new tankless water heater is smaller than the old system, so you could gain some space in the basement or garage as well. 

How Tankless Water Heaters Work

The system will come on when you turn on the hot water and run until the water is turned off. It does not store or reheat water, but the heating coil inside the system works so efficiently, the system can make hot water at a rate that often exceeds the use.

Sometimes it takes a minute for the hot water to get from the water heater to a second-floor bathroom or across the home, but there are solutions for that you can discuss with the plumber when you are considering upgrading your system. 

For more information about tankless water heaters, contact a local plumber.

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